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Children enter foster care due to abuse, neglect, and abandonment and AASK focuses on providing stable and loving relationships for these children.  Brothers and sisters in foster care are very often living separately day after day, month after month. The AASK Sibling Connection program was created to ensure these siblings get together with each other once a month and not allow time or distance to separate them. Volunteers help transport brothers and sisters to fun events to spend time together socializing, playing, teasing, and bonding. 

Sibling relationships are typically the longest relationship we will experience during our life. We know almost everything about each other - witnessing both the painful and joyful moments while growing up. We never considered our access to each other - just took it for granted when they were always there - whether we wanted them or not!

The AASK Sibling Connection progam is funded totally by donations - please consider honoring your siblings today by making a donation.  Thank you for your support and I hope to see you at the Walk on May 4, 2019!

Take note AZ taxpayers:  Donations qualify for the state foster care tax credit!  Up to $500/individual or $1,000/couple.  AASK is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; federal tax ID # 86-0611935; AZ QFCO Code # 10026.

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